A Family Tree union established 07-07-07, rooted in God’s word, standing on a strong foundation of love, branching into generations as the legacy grows!

Kenya and Gerron seperately had their own vision for their lives. They both desired to leave a legacy. Together they have built a family and many businesses together.


DelValle Empire “The Tree” is a family corporation that operates and manages multiple business ventures controlled by the DelValle family. Learn More

The Tree

Grade A Center is operated by Grade A Educational Services offering courses through its Tech Connect Training and Job Placement Program. Grade A provides tech support, affordable office space rentals to small businesses, event rental services, car rental services as well as video/photography services.Learn More

Grade A Center

Angel Armies is a performance group and brand delivering positive entertainment through dance, music, art and acting. Be on the look out for various Angel Armies brands and products for all ages that everyone can enjoy.Learn More

Angel Armies

Positive Spin is a Podcast with Dr. Kenya and Gerron DelValle, talking about “The good, the bad, and what you wish it could be.” Join us on discussions about relationships, marriage, parenting, life events, learning experiences, funny and crazy moments.Learn More

Positive Spin

Leaders Offering Valuable Energy (LOVE) Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Building and supporting leaders from all ages from the youth to the elderly as we strive to bridge the generational gaps amongst all ages through exciting events and programs.Learn More

Love Association

Faith Ninja is a store where people can purchase Angel Armies brands, faith-based items, and other products that are inspirational to you or gifted to someone to enjoy.Learn More

Faith Ninja

Kingdom Living Estates is a real estate and property management company catering to commercial, residential, and short-term living tourist homes services.Learn More


Hongry Wolves Enterprise manages Hongry Wolves Publishing, Hongry Wolves Pictures, and Hongry Records producing and delivering books, films, and music for your entertainment. Along with the Hongry Actors Club teaching courses on acting, script writing, film development, auditioning, and entertainment.Learn More


Kenya’s Kitchen operates as a catering company and meal delivery service that provides amazing home cooked food, cakes, and much more offering traditional, vegetarian, vegan and many other options to cater to any dietary needs. We also mail certain orders, contact us for more information. Learn More

Kenya's Kitchen

STREAM Academy is an educational institution providing school readiness academics in Science, Technology, Reading, Arts, and Math. It is a STEM focused hands-on learning program where through fun interactive play students ages 2 to 12 will gain useful knowledge and skills preparing and enhancing them for grade school levels.Learn More

STREAM Academy
The DelValle Empire