DelValle Family

Dear Loves,

We are the DelValle Family ‘The Tree’ consisting of seven family members. I am Kenya, my husband is Gerron, and our five children are Geremiah, Gervel, Keziah, Germain, and Gershon from the oldest to the youngest. On June 28, 2006, Gerron put together a surprised proposal after dating for two years, then a year later we got married on July 7, 2007. Soon after that we began planting seeds, developing the roots of our family tree foundation. Our first child was born April 2008, officially starting the expansion of ‘The Tree’ as the legacy of Gerron and myself grows through multiple branches of generations passing through our five children.

Only by God’s will may our family ‘The Tree’ stand strong through every success and obstacle life has and will bring. As individuals and a family union our family have explored many business ventures; some failed, but many have thrived. Although I am very private and we have been private about most of our family experiences, God has called our family to share our testimonies, gifts, talents, and some of our family journey with the world. Hopefully through our stories and entertainment we share, people will be influenced, encouraged, and motivated to keep striving and never give up on what God has called them to do. Gerron and I emphasize in our family how imperative it is that each family member understands the importance of focusing on their own path and not comparing themselves to anyone else’s journey, while also being supportive of each other.

As parents both of us has worked hard and continues to strive everyday to pave the way on our individual journeys, as well as creating a legacy for our children. Gerron has an Associates, Bachelor’s and Master’s and I have a Bachelor’s, and is the first in the family to complete a Master’s, and Doctorate. Gerron born and raised in Virginia, he’s also lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Germany. I was born and raised in Alabama, lived in Georgia and currently resides in Virginia with the family. Raising five children together, enjoying every stage of growth as our children are growing up fast, while also being occupied with our marriage goals and following our own individual dreams and visions has been eventful since establishing our union as one. Yet with everyone and everything thrown at us, God sustains, provides, always protecting our family ‘Tree’ through all experiences and seasons.

A special thanks to everyone who has supported and are supporting the DelValle’s on any business ventures and non-business endeavors. The love, prayers, and support mean the world as we move in obedience to Gods will. It is just as critical to say thank you to those who has been and are against anything the DelValle’s attempted or has accomplished. Gerron and I have learned since starting our union, not everyone is for us or wants to see us succeed and that is fine. Good or bad, everything happens for a reason, the truth always come to the light which eventually reveals its true purpose. The supporters, doubters, and critics are all a part of creating our journey, which helps build the strong foundation the DelValle family stands firm on. Only Gods love, promise, and protection can make anything we put our minds to become a reality whether short-lived or for an extended time. We will be ourselves and continue to do what we’re called to do unapologetically.

We are grateful for every opportunity to share our gifts and talents with the world. The DelValle family is comprised of great leaders; we are trend-setters. As two strong leaders, in raising our children, the goal is to pave the way with love, a firm positive approach, with grace, with quality, and being grounded in the word of God in whatever we do. As parents we understand we are the first leader, teacher, and role model our children witness. In this family we share wisdom with the each other as we grow together and find our way as individuals and as a family unit with humbleness. We are constantly learning from each other as well as the world around us. Over the years we realize that people are watching and paying attention to our development. Hence, the reason for being obedient in sharing our journey because someone could benefit from our family’s experiences on what to do or not to do. There is absolutely never a dull moment with the DelValle’s. From the DelValle family to yours, we LOVE you all from the bottom of our hearts, near and far. As people witness our journey and learn about each family member, we hope to bring love, laughter, and something to learn through our family growth journey.

Love, Dr. Kenya DelValle